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Learning Path After-Schools in Southern California

The Learning Path excels students in Math, Reading, Writing, and Life. We empower students by developing their ability and love for learning. By fostering independent study skills and an ability to learn, students gain the confidence to choose and form their future. Our goal is to create students who can select the paths they desire to take in Life, be it College or starting a business. Enrolling your child at The Learning Path could permanently improve their life.

School News

  • Teach your Child to Climb Mountains …

    November 21, 2014

    How do you climb a mountain? You take it one step at a time. Each single step, in and of itself, is not that difficult. As adults we climb figurative mountains all the time. A client comes to us with a problem or a project that we have to figure out, solve, and deliver. When […]

  • An Education from the Road

    November 14, 2014

    What is the best way to open our children’s minds to the world beyond their doors, the world beyond southern California, and the USA? Travel opens children’s minds and exposes them to the seas of difference and commonality in the world beyond our daily lives. We can travel to the ends of the earth and […]

  • How to Instill a love for Writing in your Child

    November 7, 2014

    Reading Comes First The first step to instilling a love for Writing in your child is to instill a love for Reading. It’s not that your child needs to read a lot to write well, but they do need to be able to read well. Poor reading skills limit your child’s ability to learn writing. […]