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Learning Path After-Schools in Southern California

The Learning Path excels students in Math, Reading, Writing, and Life. We empower students by developing their ability and love for learning. By fostering independent study skills and an ability to learn, students gain the confidence to choose and form their future. Our goal is to create students who can select the paths they desire to take in Life, be it College or starting a business. Enrolling your child at The Learning Path could permanently improve their life.

School News

  • How to Foster a Love for Reading

    October 17, 2014

    The technological age has many benefits, but it also presents a larger hurdle to our children in developing a love and ability for reading. How do we get our kids to enjoy sitting down with a good book when there are so many other distractions? They can play on a tablet, a phone, a laptop, […]

  • My child is doing “good enough” in school …

    October 10, 2014

    I’ve heard this a lot lately. Some parents who have recently left our program simply tell us that their child is now doing “good enough” in school, and that they no longer need our program. To some degree this is fair enough. The parents’ goals were to reach at or near grade level and nothing […]

  • Education = Wealth? Yes, and more than ever …

    October 3, 2014

    A recent article put out by the Associated Press decries how the wealthy are widening the income gap by spending ever larger amounts on education for their children. It points to some interesting statistics that show the top 10% of earners have increased their education spending through the Great Recession. Education has always been correlated […]